Saint Bartholomew Church (Ulea - Murcia)

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Saint Bartholomew Church

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Saint Bartholomew Church (Ulea - Murcia)
Built in the 15th century, on an old Muslim mosque, this is located in the highest part of the town, one of the first to have a parish church, being the oldest in the Ricote Valley.

The temple is made up of a central nave and two lateral naves, which have chapels. The head is rectangular, like the choir located at the feet. Its architectural evolution has been slow, as the reforms to which it was subjected respected its old structures and adapted to the reality of the findings.

It was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Heart of Jesus Viewpoint

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Heart of Jesus Viewpoint (Ulea - Murcia)
Erected in the 20th century (1947) in the highest part of the town, this overlooks the Ricote Valley and is a sculpture 4.20 meters high, with a 2.10-meter base. He is represented as being dressed in a tunic, arms slightly raised and hands open, in an attitude of dedication and welcome. The heart in the centre of the chest stands out; it was created by the Murcian artist Nicolás Martínez Ramón.

The monument was fully restored in this century and the climb to the top is easy to navigate.

Eiffel House

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Eiffel House (Ulea - Murcia)
Also known as the house of the priest, this is a beautiful and spacious house designed by the well-known French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel around 1912.

Its history dates back to the time when its owner, José Ríos Torrecillas, dedicated to the fruit trade, made some business trips to Paris, where he met the creator of the well-known Eiffel Tower, who at that time was dealing with some health problems. When the friendship between them was cultivated, José Ríos Torrecillas recommended that he travel to a neighbouring town to Ulea in order to visit some hot springs.
Over time, as a token of appreciation, Eiffel designed the house for the owner.

For this reason, it is known as the Paris House in Ulea, and it stands out for its beautiful colours on the facade and the majestic towers that accompany the building. The large house contrasts with the narrow streets of Ulea, not only because of its majestic dimensions but also because of the wonderful view that it gives us of the historic centre of the town, with its mountains in the background and the river.

Henchidor's Temple

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Henchidor's Temple (Ulea - Murcia)
This was built in the 20th century and is a temple for the ceremony of the bath of the cross, carried out on the morning of every third of May.

It has eight sides and arches of white marble covered in red tiles.

It is a place of great significance because the immersion, on each side, of the reliquary containing a Lignum Crucis of the Holy Cross takes place here.

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