Church of Saint Sebastian (Ricote - Murcia)

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Church of Saint Sebastian

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Church of Saint Sebastian (Ricote - Murcia)
This is a basilica temple whose initial construction dates back to the beginning of the 18th century, presumably built on land loaded with great historical importance for the Order of Santiago. It has a clear Murcian Baroque style and is divided into three naves, with a rectangular presbytery and a transept on which the dome rises.

Inside, we find the image of the patron saint of the town, Saint Sebastian, which was recently restored by the sculptor D. Antonio Labaña.
In addition, there are various paintings with geometric lines, dark blue, also recently restored by Antonio Milané from Cieza.

Mansion of Llamas

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Mansion of Llamas (Ricote - Murcia)
Also known as the Álvarez Castellanos House, this is a mansion built in 1702 by Francisco de Llamas Abenza, under a French-influenced Baroque style.

On the outside, we find an imposing mansion with an almost flat facade, composed of baroque ashlars and protruding pilasters that make a kind of movement play.

Its companion consists of two pillars on both sides in its main access and the palace has a ground floor, two floors and a cellar.
Likewise, on its facade, we find a beautiful balcony. Inside, we are greeted by an old cobblestone hall, followed by a Grand Staircase of Honour.

This was the home of the illustrious Los Llamas family and is currently the seat of the Ricote City Council.

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