Church of Saint Augustine (Ojos - Murcia)

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Church of Saint Augustine

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Church of Saint Augustine (Ojos - Murcia)
This was built in the 18th century and settled in a mosque dating from the 16th century. Some decorated wood from the wall of the organ is preserved in the enclosure. It was recovered by Professor Ramón Cano Picó, who restored the hidden wall paintings and the altarpieces of fake architecture by Paolo Sistor.

It is a small, baroque-style building with a rectangular floor plan. It has three naves and a closed dome that does not allow for the passage of light.
This enclosure pays homage to Saint Augustine as patron saint and, in fact, houses a figure of his image dating from the 18th century, as well as an image of the Virgin of the Rosary from the 19th century – the work of Francisco Sánchez.

Nativity Scene Museum

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This museum is located in a two-story building, connected to the Church of Saint Augustine through a passageway. It was inaugurated on December 23, 2013 in an old 18th-century mansion known as the House of the Inquisition, and was remodelled in 2010, preserving its original appearance, using materials and techniques of the traditional construction in the region.

Its entrance is through Cánovas Varona Street, where visitors are received.
Here, we are welcomed by various rooms for various activities. Permanent exhibitions are held on the upper floor. As it is an ethnographic museum, the customs and traditions of the municipality are made known.

Suspension Bridge

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Suspension Bridge (Ojos - Murcia)
This beautiful suspension bridge, of the Tibetan type, is located over the Segura river in the Solvente area and has a length of 80 meters.

Nearby is the Ojos Zip Line, which has a length of 100 meters.

This zip line has become a tourist attraction, crossing the Segura river at a height of about 20 meters.

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