Big House (Archena - Murcia)

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The Big House

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The Big House (Archena - Murcia)
This is a Renaissance-style building that functions as the current Town Hall of the city. Square in shape, its dome or loft, located over the main entrance, stands out from its construction.

It is surrounded by four balconies, one on each side, from which one can get a wide view of the entire town and the famous Ope mountain.

In ancient times, it had various uses.
Since its creation in the 15th century, it has functioned as a home for wealthy families in the region or as the House of the “Tercia” of the Military Order of Saint John. Using a simple glazed bridge, it has been possible to unite the current Town Hall with other municipal dependencies that surround it.

Virgin of Health Hermitage

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Virgin of Health Hermitage (Archena - Murcia)
This temple was built during the 19th century and is dedicated to the invocation of the Virgin who bears the same name.

The work was directed and planned by the architect José María Aguilar and sponsored by the Viscounts of Rías. They were given a platform near the main altar in gratitude.

Its large dimensions maintain a classic medieval Byzantine style line. Its plant is rectangular and consists of a single nave and a chapel.
Its exterior stands out for its vertical design and the large number of pilasters that support the building, which offers even more of the medieval air that it entails. Its interior is, in turn, divided into four sections by semi-circular arches.

It is located within the Archena Spa facilities.

Basilio’s Chimney

Basilio’s Chimney (Archena - Murcia)
This old chimney, dating from the 20th century, is currently listed as a Historical Heritage of the town. Its history dates back to the industrial boom that the region had thanks to the increase in livestock activity. This led to the construction of an innumerable number of factories, which needed these chimneys to be able to evacuate the gases and fumes they produced.

Basilio's chimney, as well as the other four found in the region, has an average height of about 20 meters.
They were built in brick from the inside, by a single person who climbed the wall until reaching the desired height.

Currently, these chimneys preside over different squares or gardens, as a sign of the industrial importance that the town had.

Saint John the Baptist Church

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Saint John the Baptist Church (Archena - Murcia)
This is a simple church where, formerly, a Muslim mosque stood.

Its structure is located in a strategic corner of the city, as it presides over the royal road, the only access to the town from Ceuti.

Its façade is surrounded by a single tower, although the original design raised two symmetrical ones flanking its sides, though due to lack of economic means, the work was left unfinished.
The layout of its floor plan is of a Latin cross and is made up of three naves, with the central nave being wider and taller than the other two lateral ones. On both sides of the main altar are its side chapels, where it is possible to appreciate an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a Pietà.

Archena Museum

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This modern complex houses the important remains of the archaeological and historical findings of the town.

The museum consists of four glass rooms so that the visitor can also appreciate the typical natural setting of the region as another attraction of the museum. One of its rooms is dedicated to temporary exhibitions of the different cultures that have passed through the region over the years.

Esparto & Antiquities Museum

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Here, one can view an interesting sample of pieces made with esparto grass by local artisans who still maintain the tradition of manual work.

The museum is located in one of the rooms of the old Palece of Villarias and also houses, in its interior, replicas of emblematic buildings of the city and different tools used for the cultivation of the land.

Palace of Villarias

Palace of Villarias (Archena - Murcia)
This house was built at the end of the 19th century by order of the Viscounts of Rias. It is located on a property of 5,500 square meters.

Surrounded by an emblematic and varied landscape, its beauty is crowned by a fountain where the water falls like small waterfalls.

Currently, the property is in the hands of the City Council, and the park has been designated as a public space of the city.

Iron Bridge

The bridge was initially known as a "wooden bridge", as this was the material that predominated in its construction back in 1865.

Later, in 1933, the initiative to build the current bridge was carried out, and the work was completed in 1942.

The main function of the bridge was to allow citizens and merchants to easily cross the waters of the Segura River, for which boats were used until now.
It is currently considered one of the symbols of Archena and has great social and cultural relevance because it is the main access to the historic centre of the city.

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