Ulea (Murcia)

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Coordinates: 38.140833°, -1.329722°

Distance to Murcia: 31 km

Elevation: 126 m

Population: 874 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Uleano (a)

Ulea has two populated centres: one with the same name as that of the municipality located within the Ricote Valley, the seat of the Segura river, and another population centre on the outskirts of the valley called “Venta Puñales”.

Ulea's proximity to the Segura river means that the territory it occupies has had a human presence since Neolithic times, including the Iberians, Romans, and Muslims, each of which left traces of its passage. The evidence includes remains of villages, pieces of pottery, fragments of walls, sections of a road, ruins of a cistern, and a mosque.

In Ulea, the greenness of its varied and rich vegetation stands out. It has narrow streets, fountains, functional cisterns, and practical norias. Standouts are the Church of Saint Bartolome, from the 16th century, the Henchidor Square, the “Casa del Cura”, and the “Pila de la Reina Mora”.

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