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Coordinates: 38.147778°, -1.342222°

Distance to Murcia: 35 km

Elevation: 132 m

Population: 539 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Ojetero (a)

The municipality of Ojos is formed by six small populated centres.

Ojos is located in one of the narrowest areas of the Ricote Valley, which is crossed by the Segura river in such a way that its adjacency to the river has allowed for maximum use of a reservoir, two hydroelectric power stations, ditches, waterwheels, and bridges. These hydraulic works have favoured the economic base of the municipality, consisting of citrus crops, mainly orange and lemon.

Important tourist and cultural activity has also been developed in Ojos, which has, as its central goal, the development of agricultural activity. It has monuments such as the Parish Church of Saint Augustine from the 18th century, declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

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