Sanctuary of Saint Eulalia (Totana - Murcia)

Sanctuary of Saint Eulalia (Totana)

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7 kilometres from Totana, at the foot of Sierra Espuña, is the Sanctuary of Saint Eulalia.

Getting to the sanctuary is an experience in itself, and one that is greatly enjoyed with all the senses, as nature gives us a colourful and aromatic landscape thanks to the fruit trees that abound in the orchards of this town. Travellers enjoy the citrus aromas of lemons and oranges and the fragrances that waft from flowers, rosemary and thyme.

Since 1644, this sanctuary has been used to venerate the image of Saint Eulalia of Mérida, patroness saint of Totana. The devotion that it awakens has crossed the borders of the region and summons devotees from all over the country.

The great building of the sanctuary was constructed with care for the details, which allowed it to fit in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. Arriving at the sanctuary, we find a cobbled path that leads us inside, after crossing a triple arcade. It is easy to understand why this place generates pilgrimages from such distant points. Its natural environment, with the sounds of running water and its aromas and the silence of the mountains, allows you to relax and feel deep peace.

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