Parish Church of the Three Hail Marys (Totana - Murcia)

Parish Church of the Three Hail Marys (Totana)

We find a temple that has lived through a lot of history and has gone through and suffered the different stages of the relationship between the church and the Spanish state. The convent was built in 1604 and inaugurated under the name of the Monastery of Saint Bonaventure by a community of Franciscan friars, who were in charge of the temple until the Confiscation of the 19th century.

The first serious problem that the monks had to endure arose in 1810, when they had to leave the convent of Saint Bonaventure of Totana before the invasion of the Napoleonic troops. The French army appropriated not only the rooms and all the buildings but also everything they found inside: jewellery, works of art, silver and gold objects, sacred vessels and even chalices and reliquaries.

When peace resumed, the friars were able to return and the church was restored with the contribution of the residents of Totana.

When the confiscation came in 1835, the religious suffered exclaustration. This meant that all the assets of the religious community were confiscated by the government and sold to private individuals.

In 1899, the Franciscan community of Capuchins managed to recover the convent of Saint Bonaventure. They are the ones who take care of it to this day.

Inside is a 17th-century crypt. Perhaps the most valuable artworks in the convent are the two canvases that rest on the main altar and that give it its current name: a work by the Valencian painter Senén Vila with an image of the Three Hail Marys.

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