Parish Church of Saint James (Totana - Murcia)

Parish Church of Saint James (Totana)

The Church of Saint James was built between 1549 and 1567. The increase in the population of Totana made it necessary to build a new temple, as the small hermitage that existed until then in the town was too small to house the residents in their religious services.

One of the most notable features of this temple is the Mudejar-style roof, which is similar to those of Andalusian and Castilian buildings. We can also highlight the three-story tower, where we find the bell tower whose cornice shows the traditional battlements and merlons, typical of 17th-century architecture.

The temple of Saint James responds to the type of basilica plan, with three naves, the central one being wider and higher than the lateral ones. Attached chapels appear in the lateral naves, as well as on both sides of the chancel. These chapels began to be built in 1580. The most relevant is that of Saint Ildefonsus, in which the altarpiece of the imposition of the chasuble by the angels on the titular saint stands out. This altarpiece has great artistic value, as it is one of the few Renaissance altarpieces in the Region of Murcia.

Another point of interest inside the temple is the main altar, which has a baroque altarpiece from 1672, with twisted columns, whose decorations include vine leaves.

The façade of the parish church is considered to be of late Baroque style.

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