Juan de Uzeta Fountain (Totana - Murcia)

Juan de Uzeta Fountain (Totana)

This is a baroque work built between 1751 and 1753. It is considered unique in the region for its style.

Totana has historically been divided into two neighbourhoods: Seville and Triana. After the urban layout was reformed, the water did not reach the Seville neighbourhood. To alleviate the problem, the city council agreed to channel the water from the Carrasca fountain to the town square.

The design of the fountain was entrusted to Juan de Uzeta, who was a Baroque sculptor who lived in Lorca. The layout of the hydraulic system was in the charge of a local artist, Silvestre Martínez.

The fountain is located in Constitution Square and is part of the set of architectural jewels of Totana. Built with marble and black and red jasper, it is surrounded by buildings of great artistic value, such as the Town Hall, the Church of Saint James and the House of Contributions.

We can divide the source into three levels to analyze it. The first has a hexagonal base and has 18 spouts distributed among its six sides. The second level contains the cup that receives the spring that flows from the mouths of three griffon masks and three angels, which decorate the pyramid on the third level. At the top of the work, you can see the coat of arms of the city and a cross of Saint James.

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