Arch of Saint Peter (Totana - Murcia)

Arch of Saint Peter (Totana)

In Totana, there has always been an attempt to improve the hydraulic systems. We can see this in different structures that have been built throughout the 16th century. Such is the case with this arch, located in the San José neighbourhood.

It is an aqueduct built by D. Pedro de Mora Cánovas in 1753 on the Rambla de la Santa. It consists of masonry and brick and has a diameter of 22 meters.

The purpose of its construction was to carry water from the Carrasca spring in Sierra Espuña to the Juan de Uzeta Fountain, which is located in Constitution Square in Totana.

The aqueduct borders the old Ollerías area, where most of the artisanal pottery industries were located from the 19th century. These were a great economic resource for this population.

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