El Pasico Mill (Torre Pacheco - Murcia)

El Pasico Mill (Torre Pacheco)

This is an old flour mill located in an area famous for the richness and productivity of its soils. Its circular structure is built with lime and sand, while its roof is made of wood and its large blades are housed in it.

Its interior is made up of three floors for the storage and use of the machinery necessary for the work carried out there. On the upper floor, the grinding of the cereal was carried out. In the middle floor was the channel through which the flour descended. Finally, the ground floor was dedicated to the filling of the sacks.

The mills of this region stand out for their good state of conservation thanks to the City Council, which has been in charge of carrying out the project to enhance them. This particular mill was restored in 1991 and has always been in good condition since that date.

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