Quintin & Calcetera Mills (San Pedro del Pinatar - Murcia)

Quintin & Calcetera Mills (San Pedro del Pinatar)

The Calcetera Mill is located at the end of the Promenade, which starts at La Mota beach, well known for its mud baths. The mill's mission was to bring the water from the Mar Menor to the salter ponds and its structure is made up of a conical tower with a revolving roof. Thanks to this, and the use of a long rudder, the sail could be oriented conveniently according to the winds that were blowing.

The Quintin Mill fulfilled the same mission as that of Calcetera, that is, to grind salt and bring water to the pools of the salter ponds.

The appeal of these mills is that they still retain their gear systems. These are made of wood and iron and were responsible for transmitting the energy generated by the sails moved by the wind. Their strength set in motion the grinding wheels, which were used to grind the salt.

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