Las Salinas Visitor Centre (San Pedro del Pinatar - Murcia)

Las Salinas Visitor Centre (San Pedro del Pinatar)

This is located next to the roundabout at the entrance to the “Parque Regional Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro”, which is recognized by a sculpture of two flamingos. The building is surrounded by vegetation of salt marsh and tarays, which, when they bloom, give an amazing view of the place. Visitors have a large parking area and will find different facilities.

At the Information Point, visitors are given information about the nature, culture, and history of the park, seeking greater awareness of the care our nature deserves. There is also information on the trails, bird observatories, beaches, and mud baths.

The exhibition hall allows you to get to know the Protected Natural Area, while in the Visitor Centre Pond, which is surrounded by native salt marsh vegetation, you can enjoy two bird observatories.

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