San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia)

History of San Pedro del Pinatar

San Pedro del Pinatar is a municipality of 25,476 inhabitants (according to data from the year 2019) located between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea.

The history of this municipality is conditioned by its geographical location and the fishing wealth of its waters. The archaeological remains found in the area have revealed that Phoenicians, Greeks and Tyrians traded on the coasts of San Pedro del Pinatar. The Romans were pioneers in the exploitation of the salt flats, laying the foundations for the flourishing Roman salting industry.
San Pedro del Pinatar (Murcia - Spain) 
The Arabs introduced to the area an innovative in-line fishing system that revolutionized traditional fishing in the Mar Menor area.

The system consists of circular labyrinths that the fish enter but cannot leave; these labyrinths are built with reeds and nets.

Although increasingly in disuse, this is a system that locals still employ today for their fishing tasks.
After the reconquest, San Pedro del Pinatar became one of the ports of the city of Murcia. Faced with the danger of attacks by Berber pirates, Felipe II built a watchtower, which remained operational until the 18th century.

The definitive settlements in the municipality did not occur until the 18th century, at which time a hermitage was built under the dedication of the apostle and fisherman Saint Peter. Until that time, the municipality was known as El Pinatar, but with the construction of said hermitage, its name became San Pedro del Pinatar.

San Pedro del Pinatar was separated from Murcia on September 16, 1836 and is constituted as City Hall. Its first mayor was Mr. Jose Imbernon Ruiz.

In the 19th century, San Pedro del Pinatar became a summer resort for inhabitants of the Huerta de Murcia region, including the region’s most influential families. At the end of the 20th century, San Pedro del Pinatar experienced economic growth thanks to tourism, taking advantage of its excellent location between the Mar Menor and the Mediterranean Sea and its 14 kilometers of beaches.

Currently, San Pedro del Pinatar is one of the most prosperous municipalities in the region of Murcia and is one of the most important tourist destinations on the Costa Calida.