Veneziola Mill (San Javier - Murcia)

Veneziola Mill (San Javier)

One can still see old windmills in the area that had their splendour during the 17th century. Their structure, in Mediterranean style, was made up of an immense clad tower, with a revolving roof and its characteristic blades made of wood.

They generally had a single opening in the front face, which was used to enter the building. Many of these mills were built near the sea and salt flats, as they could be used to either grind salt or produce drinking water. In San Javier, we can still find a total of nine of these sleeping giants: six of water, one of flour, and two of salt.

Veneziola Mill, located in the culminating area of La Manga, was used to obtain salt through the evaporation of the water. It is currently one of the most complete mills that remain in the territory, as it still maintains several pieces of its original structure and has not been put under any restoration project.

This mill preserves the spire and part of its machinery, such as the guide pole and the main shaft, all made of wood.

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