San Javier Museum (San Javier - Murcia)

San Javier Museum

The San Javier Museum and the Bethlehem Museum are located in the same building, but differentiated from each other by the nature of their exhibitions.

The Bethlehem Museum consists of three rooms dedicated to showing the most characteristic aspects of Christmas art, different works on the history of Jesus, and an international exhibition of nativity scene art.

Instead, the San Javier Museum takes its visitors on a journey through local history and its ethnological past. It has several rooms, including the "Ethnological Room" with the theme of sea, land and air; the “El Campo Room”, where instruments used for working with the land and livestock are exhibited; and the "Daily Life Room", which seeks to tell the way life developed in the city.

It also has an archaeological exhibition, various workshops, and the famous "El Reportero Room", which is a unique exhibition in Spain where the story of one of the country's greatest reporters, Tico Medina, is told.

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