Church of Saint John the Baptist (Campos del Rio - Murcia)

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Saint John the Baptist Church

Saint John the Baptist Church (Campos del Rio - Murcia)
This was built in the 17th century and is a baroque-style enclosure with an asymmetric construction, which has a central nave divided into five sections. Inside, we find chapels on both sides crowned by a square bell tower with a hipped roof, where the cross is erected.

On the outside, we find a simple facade with smooth walls painted white. This is where the wrought iron grille of the choir window stands out.
The temple houses a carving of the patron saint of the town and another of Christ with the Cross on his shoulders, both by Roque López, a disciple of Francisco Salzillo.

The enclosure was repaired due to the February 1999 earthquake, which affected the vaults, towers and bell tower.

Clock Tower

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Clock Tower (Campos del Rio - Murcia)
This has a simple architecture and was built in the 19th century. It is a polygonal structure with smooth walls, painted in blue, where the oculi stand out on the sides. In front, we find the clock and the smooth-grated balcony with an unadorned door.

The bell tower consists of two bells, a large one and a small one above it, and at the top a weather vane with the figure of a rooster that stands out decoratively. The watch was damaged in 1971 and was replaced in 1991.

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