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Coat of arms of Campos del Rio (Murcia)

Campos del Rio
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Coordinates: 38.040833°, -1.351667°

Distance to Murcia: 28 km

Elevation: 172 m

Population: 2,090 inhabitants (2022)

Demonym: Campero (a)

The first written references to Campos del Rio are from the year 1257. However, there is evidence of the presence of the Argaric culture in the Rucian Archaeological Site, around the third century B.C., as villas that boast of the Roman presence in the area.

In the same way, vestiges of Muslim ceramics establish their presence in the 10th century. Their history as a town is full of evidence that recorded their stay and their culture.

The inhabitants of Campos del Rio have traditionally survived by working in their gardens. In the 20th century, the canning industry began to flourish. Even so, the residents have respected and maintained their agricultural activity, preserving their orchards.

Among its most outstanding architectural works are the Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist, known as Old Church (18th century), the Castle Viewpoint, the Clock Tower, and the Old Bridge over the Mula river.

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