Nogalte Castle (Puerto Lumbreras - Murcia)

Nogalte Castle (Puerto Lumbreras)

The Nogalte Castle is a fortress from medieval Islamic times that is located near the urban area of Puerto Lumbreras, in a mountainous area. Its location was strategic, as from it several tributaries of water and natural routes dominate: to the east, the road to Lorca; to the north, crossing the Nogalte dry riverbed and the road to Granada; and to the west, towards Almeria passing the Almanzora valley.

According to the findings that have been made in the different excavations, it is believed to be from the first half of the 13th century, a time when the fortresses and rural castles that protected the agricultural enterprises around them proliferated in the ancient Islamic kingdom of Murcia.

Experts also believe that it was later enlarged by the Christian occupiers, which explains why constructively, in this phase, the towers are oriented towards the north and west—directions in which the Nasrid border was and, therefore, from which the enemy could come.

Around the castle, there are a large number of cave houses. In recent years, some of these houses were transformed into museums. It is possible to visit them with a guided tour, in which travellers can learn the history of the castle. The tour allows you to enter seven caves that have been prepared to transmit, to their visitors, different thematic knowledge.

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