Fountain of the Pipes (Puerto Lumbreras - Murcia)

Fountain of the Pipes (Puerto Lumbreras)

This underground water runs under the Nogalte dry riverbed, the Fountain of the Pipes, and was built as part of the hydraulic system that took advantage of this current. Formerly, it was used to let out the flow that was collected by the “Caño” and “Contracaño” system. It was also used to feed a laundry and a trough located near the source.

The excess water passed to the Pool of the Community of Owners of the “Aguas del Caño y Balsa de Puerto Lumbreras”, where it was decided how the water would be distributed among the owners, so that they could irrigate their lands. Before the houses of Puerto Lumbreras had running water, the Fountain of the Pipes was where neighbours went to get water for domestic use, and also for animals to drink from the troughs.

In 1973, a catastrophic flood seriously affected the source, while the public laundry next to it was practically destroyed. For this reason, in 1988, the fountain was relocated just in front of the previous one, on the right bank of the dry riverbed.

It is part of the Puerto Lumbreras Water Route, which is located through the urban area of the town and allows visitors to learn about the system of collection, storage, and use of the water coming from the Nogalte dry riverbed.

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