Astronomical Observatory (Puerto Lumbreras - Murcia)

Astronomical Observatory (Puerto Lumbreras)

This observatory is 7 kilometres from Puerto Lumbreras and is located at the top of the highest head of those that surround Puerto Lumbreras, about 800 meters above sea level, the Cabezo de la Jara. This means that it does not have interferences for those who want to contemplate the night sky. This environment is ideal for those who want to enjoy the stars and planets without any type of light pollution.

One of the great values of the visit to the astronomical observatory is that visitors are guided by members of the Astronomical Association of the Murcia Region, who not only have great astronomical knowledge, but also pass it on with great passion. The visit includes a talk on basic aspects of astronomy, an observation of the sky with the naked eye, and the most important celestial objects through the telescope and other instruments available at the observatory. The whole visit lasts one hour.

In addition, there is an ecotourism trail in which, along a route almost 1,500 meters long, visitors can see a solar system represented to scale.

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