Cehegin (Murcia)

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Coat of arms of Cehegin (Murcia)

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Coordinates: 38.092508°, -1.798753°

Distance to Murcia: 69 km

Elevation: 570 m

Population: 14,485 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Ceheginero (a)

The remains of the Roman and Visigoth city of Begastri, and the bishop's seat from the 4th century until the Muslim invasion, speak of the importance of Cehegin's antiquity.

The different populations that settled at different times, from the Copper Age, have been integrated into its territory. In 1982, its old town, with great Arab influence, was declared a Historic-Artistic Site by the official body of culture in Spain, despite the fact that it lost its castle in 1957.

It is located 66 km from the city of Murcia and its municipal area is crossed by the Argos and Quipar rivers, both tributaries of the Segura river.

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