Our Lady of the Rosary Church (Bullas - Murcia)

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Coat of arms of Bullas (Murcia)

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Coordinates: 38.049722°, -1.670556°

Distance to Murcia: 58 km

Elevation: 650 m

Population: 11,664 inhabitants (2023)

Demonym: Bullero (a)

Bullas has been a seat of settlers of varied origin for four thousand years. Testimonies of the Roman presence abound, highlighting archaeological pieces that are in good condition and that are exhibited in the National Archaeological Museum in Madrid.

Recognized for its wine production, estimated at ten million litres per year, it groups the excellent wines from the Bullas Denomination of Origin from vineyards in neighbouring municipalities.

The important Mula river is born in its territory. This is a tributary of the Segura river, which in its journey creates majestic landscapes and natural spaces such as the famous “Salto del Usero”, considered among the main tourist attractions in the province of Murcia.

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