Antonio Campillo Sculpture Park (Murcia)

Opened in 2010, this small open-air museum dedicates its space to exhibiting some of the works of the memorable artist of the same name, who used to frequent the area. Antonio Campillo, born in 1926, was an apprentice sculptor and developed the peculiar technique that defines his art: drawing and clay.

The central theme of the exhibited sculptures is the woman and the tasks in her daily life. In total, we can find nine works that correspond to the culminating period of the artist and to which he himself gave his name.

All are made of bronze and their dimensions vary between 1.35 and 2.10 meters high. Among the exhibited creations we can mention are "The cicada" and "La pechugona" or "Tribute to the Murcian Woman". All these important works are catalogued and have been presented in numerous exhibitions both in Spain and abroad.

A very emotional detail that does not go unnoticed when visiting the museum is that in the centre of it, we can see a portrait of the sculptor, also made in bronze, by his great disciple, Marta Balsameda.

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