Traperia and Plateria Streets (Murcia)

Traperia and Plateria Streets (Murcia)

It could be said that these are two of the streets with the most history in all of Murcia, surrounded by great urban life and a wide cultural value.

Traperia Street dates back to 1266. It is an avenue that reached where the Murcia Cathedral is currently located. At the time, it served as a division to delimit the areas where Muslims had to stay on one side and Christians on the other.

These two famous streets of Traperia and Plateria intersect with each other, and their names correspond to the professions that were usually carried out there. Plateria Street was dedicated to the manufacture and sale of jewellery. Although there are still shops in this area today, you can also find shops of all kinds.

One of the most touristic and unique places on these streets is the kilometre 0 plaque, located at the four corners of Plateria Street.

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