Murcia City Council

Murcia City Council

The current city hall of the city is located in Glorieta Square and was built on what was originally the Palace of the Prince.

In the middle of the 19th century, the mayor of the city commissioned architect Juan Jose Belmonte to carry out the work of the new town hall. Belmonte approached the project from a rather neoclassical style.

The building is distributed over three floors and inside is an imposing marble staircase with two branches that leads to the main floor, where the Mayor's Office and the famous Plenary Hall are located. They are decorated according to the Renaissance style, with polychrome stained glass.

The facade of the ground floor welcomes access to the building and highlights the pilasters of ashlars carved in light colours attached to the walls. The second and third floors are characterized by a more classical style, and above them, a triangular pediment decorated with mouldings rises in the centre, which contains an old clock.

The town hall also consists of an annex building designed by Rafael Moneo. It was ordered to be built in 1998, due to lack of space, and is one of the most outstanding architectural symbols of the city. This annex is located in the Cardenal Belluga Square, on the rear facade of the Town Hall, the two being linked by a covered walkway.

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