Monteagudo Castle (Murcia)

Monteagudo Castle (Murcia)

This imposing fortress of Islamic origin is located on top of a hill 149 meters above sea level, with a strategic position. In turn, it contains the Christ that bears the same name.

Its building structure is made up of two walled spaces and is basically composed of excellent quality mortar, although in some sections it was possible to identify the use of bricks, in both walls and baseboards.

The upper enclosure occupies the highest part of the hill and is distributed in a rectangular manner. This enclosure, in turn, is divided into a parade ground, where the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is currently located, and another space located to the north that is believed to be dedicated to the dependencies and where access to the enclosure is also located. This access is partially destroyed. Meanwhile, the lower region stands out for its string of towers and its walled belt, still preserving a tower related to a chasm that served as a means of supplying water to the castle.

On the top of the hill, we can see a sculpture of Christ 14 meters high that is part of the Murcian tradition and an important religious symbol. The original work was built in 1926, but after its destruction in the Spanish Civil War, it was rebuilt thanks to the contributions of the same inhabitants of the place in 1951.

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