Malecón Promenade (Murcia)

Malecón Promenade (Murcia)

This was originally created as a means of containment against the recurrent floods of the Segura river. This walk of over 1.5 km in length surrounds the city and is a place much appreciated by the locals as a meeting point and form of social recreation. Its original function as a containment dam has evidently been effective and has made it last through history to the present day.

Its long journey takes us from its entrance, consisting of an access in two flights of stairs, which guide us to the walk itself that has been paved and walks next to beautiful gardens belonging to the surrounding orchard. Approximately halfway through the route we come across two important points: the “Cruce de las Cuatro Piedras”, made up of a typical orchard lane; and “La Sartén”, an area where the promenade becomes wider than normal.

Today the promenade hosts the celebration of various festivities and fairs, as well as the offer of diverse and abundant local gastronomy. Currently, several projects seek to undertake the recovery of the promenade and its new value, as over so many years its structure has suffered a great deterioration.

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