Church of Saint Dominic (Murcia)

Church of Saint Dominic (Murcia)

This Baroque-style church is located in the square with the same name, which at the time was the epicentre of commerce in the city and currently stands out as an urban space due to the distinguished buildings that surround it.

The origin of the church dates from the 18th century. During the second half of the 19th century, its concession was ceded to the Jesuits, who continue to govern it today. This unique church has two facades: the main one that is located on Romea Square and the other one that can be seen from Saint Dominic Square and that lacks an entrance, as it is merely decorative.

Its main facade, with Renaissance airs and Baroque details, stands out for its sobriety and houses stone statues of Saint Dominic and San Francisco in its centre. On its sides are the shields of the Franciscan and Dominican Order. On its upper floor appears the figure of San Vicente Ferrer with a preaching attitude in commemoration of the preaching made by the Valencian saint in that same square during the year 1411. To the right of the church, you can see the famous Chapel of the Rosary, which shares one of the choirs with the great temple.

Although these two buildings are currently united, this was not always the case, as in principle they were separated by a fence and a high choir, which were eliminated after the restructuring of the temple during the 18th century.

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