Cathedral of Murcia

Cathedral of Murcia

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Also known as Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, this architectural jewel maintains its original Gothic style as its main construction line, although throughout history it has undergone several extensions and modifications with Baroque, Renaissance, and Neoclassical additions.

The foundations of the current cathedral are largely located on an old mosque, which was placed in the hands of Christianity in 1266.

It is easy to distinguish it from afar with its imposing 93-meter-high tower. In its interior, several architectural components stand out, such as its Main Chapel and the “Los Vélez”, “Junterones”, and “Trascoro” chapels.

The building is composed of three naves that are accompanied throughout the entire length of the temple by a total of 23 side chapels dedicated to the patron saints, bishops, and nobles who collaborated with its construction.

Between the years 1737 and 1751, the main facade was remodelled in the Baroque style, which replaced the original one due to its deplorable state, giving rise to the creation of a most beautiful and impressive monument. The monumental main facade is divided into two horizontal and three vertical bodies, and in its central area you can see a sculpture of the Assumption of the Virgin. On the outside, you can see an infinity of points of interest such as the Gate of the Apostles, the “El Pozo” Gate, and “Los Soportales”.

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