Almudí Palace (Murcia)

Almudí Palace (Murcia)

This ancient palace, dating from the 15th century, is located in the centre of the city, next to the gardens of the “Malecón”. This property was built to be used as a deposit and commercialization of grains, but currently it serves as a hall for important exhibitions and as the city’s historical archive.

Its name comes from Arabic and it has not always been called this way. Throughout its history, it has also been known by other names such as “pósito”, “casa del pan”, and “alfóndega”.

On the outside, you can see several characteristic artistic elements. It is estimated that the total work took about a century to complete. Its best-known visual icons are the royal coat of arms of the Habsburgs, several coats of arms of Murcia, and the famous Matron of Murcia, located on the facade of the building, which is interpreted as a symbol of Murcian hospitality.

Inside the palace is a room with Tuscan columns and a canvas of the Arab wall of Murcia, which was used to construct part of the building. In 1612, an unfortunate lightning strike caused the property to burn, so it had to be rebuilt after several years of disrepair.

It currently fulfils a task of cultural and artistic dissemination that is very important for the city, as it is home to a large number of exhibitions throughout the year and usually publishes interesting documents. In turn, its archive service is an inexhaustible source of resources for historians.

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