Our Lady of the Assumption Church (Molina de Segura - Murcia)

Our Lady of the Assumption Church (Molina de Segura)

This Baroque-style church dates from the 18th century and was historically listed as the first church built within the municipality.

The construction of the Christian temple was carried out on a plot of more than 1,000 m2, which was donated by a parishioner, thus leading to the beginning of the work in 1746 and its end 10 years later.

Currently, it is considered the most important due to the beauty, antiquity, and importance of its architecture and everything that is housed inside. In it is kept an image of the Virgin of the Assumption and several works of art by the famous artist Bernabé Gil.

Its exterior is distinguished by its three characteristic facades, made of stone and framed by exposed brick. Its construction highlights the beauty of its dome and its bell tower, located on the central nave of the parish. On its main altar, one can see the image of the Virgin with silver crowns and the baby Jesus in her arms.

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