La Albarda Centre of Rites and Traditions of Campo de Molina (Molina de Segura - Murcia)

La Albarda Centre (Molina de Segura)

Throughout its two floors, this museum helps us learn about the historical and cultural heritage of the region. It is located on the site where the La Albarda School used to function, which was rehabilitated by the City Council to get the current centre up and running.

Through new technologies, the ground floor exhibits the fascinating natural wealth of the region's fields, as well as the ways of life that developed there. It also seeks to educate visitors about the importance of conserving the environment and how human intervention affects it. One of the most outstanding samples is the ancestral samples preserved throughout history and the calendar of holidays in the region.

On the first floor, the recreation of a classroom of an old school was carried out, with all the elements that identify it, such as desks and maps.

The centre is also in charge of organizing different workshops throughout the year, which include activities related to agriculture, educational games, and other exhibitions in order to bring the traditions of the place closer to the whole family.

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