Horno del Concejo Museum (Molina de Segura - Murcia)

Horno del Concejo Museum (Molina de Segura)

This traditional space houses the oldest oven in the region, recovered and rehabilitated by the municipality in order to present it as a unique example of popular architecture.

Until the 18th century, it was the only existing oven in the city and still maintains its original structure, in which its Moorish-style oven stands out. The museum tries to offer the visitor a journey through the history of this emblematic oven.

The centre is divided into several rooms, each of which shows a specific part of the story. We can find the “Sala del Pan”, which is based mainly on the architecture and operation of the oven; the “Sala Audiovisual”, which projects the work of the baker; and the “Sala del Pozo”, where we can learn more about the tradition of the place.

As for the House of Folklore, also housed within the museum's facilities, it is a sample where the traditions of the municipality can be easily appreciated. Thanks to the exhibitions held there, one can learn about the customs of the inhabitants, their typical dances, gastronomy, and music, among other things.

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