Church of the Sacred Heart (Molina de Segura - Murcia)

Church of the Sacred Heart (Molina de Segura)

This temple of harmonious lines was built in 1958 to replace the old hermitage that was there. Its objective was to provide the inhabitants of the region with a larger religious centre that could cope with the great population growth taking place in the city.

Inside, one can find several highlights, such as its altarpiece and the High Altar, where the image of the Sacred Heart is located. The tempo has a chapel dedicated exclusively to the veneration of the Virgin of Beautiful Love, which protects her image, which is only taken from there every last Sunday of April, the date when the festivities are celebrated in her honour.

The construction of the church stands out for its simplicity and distribution. It is made up of three naves: a central one and two lateral ones that join in the transept. The central nave is the most important and the largest, while in one of its lateral naves is the baptistery; in the other is the parish office and rooms.

The entire temple is decorated with innumerable historical and religious images, and within it is the distinguished altarpiece painting by Muñoz Barberán. It is also worth highlighting one of the most impressive artistic elements of the tempo: a total of 10 stained glass windows made by the Murcian artist Antonio Hernández Carpe.

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