Villa del Alamillo Archaeological Remains (Mazarron - Murcia)

Villa del Alamillo Archaeological Remains (Mazarron)

In front of the Alamillo Beach is a fascinating archaeological treasure of Roman heritage. From a Roman aqueduct to a residential village, in the middle we can find the presence of thermal baths and the important industrial part dedicated to the manufacture of salted fish and fish sauces that the Romans made in the region in ancient times.

All these archaeological finds make us see the strong imprint of Roman culture in the region, carrying out the exploitation not only of fishing activity but also of agricultural, artisanal, and industrial resources.

One of the most fascinating finds is undoubtedly the Roman-Republican establishment, which is made up of several interconnected rooms, all articulated in front of a central courtyard. In contrast, there is also the Roman-imperial complex, which occupies a wide area of land and is made up of the remains of a water distribution basin with its corresponding aqueduct. This important hydraulic structure is temporarily located in the first century BC, like the Roman villa, and it is believed that it would support volumes of water over 250,000 litres from springs.

In the Roman town of Alamillo, with its stepped terraces and hot springs, it is very easy to distinguish two well-differentiated sections: a residential area and an industrial or service area that was used mainly for the manufacture of salted fish.

Currently, most of these discoveries are protected to favour their conservation. Only some of them can be visited by the general public.

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