Saint Anthony of Padua Church (Mazarron - Murcia)

Saint Anthony of Padua Church (Mazarron)

At the foot of the Los Velez Castle stands a white church with a red roof. It was built by order of the Marquis of Los Velez to give spiritual assistance to the labourers and workers of the region.

After its original construction was completed towards the end of the 16th century, it underwent several modifications and annexes throughout its history, as well as the passage of war, which destroyed part of its building. A series of substitutions was carried out, always in the image and likeness of the original plans.

The most impressive reforms with respect to the original model were the creation of a sacristy and a bell tower. One can still see, inside, original paintings of the saints and the decoration of the pendentives of the dome of the transept; on the outside, the coat of arms of the House of Los Velez and an image of Saint Anthony of Padua stand out.

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