Roman Salting Factory (Mazarron - Murcia)

Roman Salting Factory (Mazarron)

During the fourth and fifth centuries, there was an important Roman exploitation of fishing resources in the region, which left, as a legacy, a large salting factory area where the Romans made different products to enhance the flavours of their cuisine and increase trade.

Among the most characteristic elements of these ancient Roman factories were the salting basins, where the fish maceration process was carried out together with the salt to later give rise to different types of sauces and salted products that were marketed at very high prices in the Roman market.

During the 20th century, the first archaeological excavations were carried out in the factory and the conservation of the finds began to be put into operation. In 2000, a project was started to enhance the value of the very important archaeological remains. Today, the space has been converted into a museum that has preserved the remains since its opening in 2003.

The museum is located next to the current port and has a semi-basement where the remains of the factories are preserved. Its total area is about 500 square meters. A small part of it does not house archaeological structures but is dedicated exclusively to the exhibition area so that the visitor can easily understand the history and everything that the museum encompasses.

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