Punta de los Gavilanes (Mazarron - Murcia)

Punta de los Gavilanes (Mazarron)

This amazing archaeological find is located on a promontory between Bahia beach and La Pava beach. Throughout its immense history, it has been the subject of a varied occupation that goes from prehistory to Roman civilization.

The data suggest that its first occupation was during the first centuries of the second millennium BC and that its main use was commercial, by the Phoenicians. One of the investigations currently being carried out at the site is whether the land was also used to obtain silver throughout the fourth to second centuries BC.

In the central sector of the site is a domestic enclosure delimited by straight stone and mud walls. Likewise, one can see the placement of large pillars that are believed to have served as a support for a plant network for daily domestic activities. These buildings are continued throughout all their occupations and the different departments are preserved, showing the development of their processes. It is important to mention that it is currently in the process of excavation and amazing archaeological finds are still being discovered.

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