Phoenician Ship Interpretation Centre (Mazarron - Murcia)

Phoenician Ship Interpretation Centre (Mazarron)

This exhibition space opened in 2009 and provides information to visitors about the oldest Phoenician ships found in the Mediterranean: the "Mazarrón I" and the "Mazarrón II".

This 60-square-meter centre offers didactic strategies that aim not only to provide information about the discovery of these two ships, but to also put them in context with Phoenician history.

Inside, it houses audiovisual projections, graphic material, models and information panels on the history and culture of the Phoenicians linked to Mazarron. It also has a one-third-scale model of the “Mazarrón II” made with the same materials as the original ship and with a detailed history of the ship's discovery process and the archaeological work that was carried out. Only a few components of the ship named “Mazarrón I” were found, but the “Mazarrón II” is almost entirely complete and preserved in front of La Isla beach, which is where it was found.

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