Mines of Mazarron

Mines of Mazarron

A tour of the abandoned mines of Mazarron can help us get an idea of the importance of mining in the region and the hard work that this represented.

Walking through its scenery, we will find landscapes formed by extensive multi-collared mining mountains, ruined buildings, and curious abandoned structures belonging to the history of mining.

The activity in the region was mainly of the underground type, which is why it is common to find holes and cavities up to 500 meters deep along the route.

One of the things that most attracts the attention of its visitors is the immense variety of colours that the landscape offers. Its mountains are stained in hundreds of ochre colours thanks to the oxidation of mining waste and its accumulations of waters of an intense reddish colour due to the acids that were used in the mine (which today are known to be very polluting for the environment).

Access to the mines is open to the public and without any type of delimitation, which is why the area has been the victim of attacks of vandalism and looting.

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