Church and Convent of Las Purisimas (Mazarron - Murcia)

Church and Convent of Las Purisimas (Mazarron)

This beautiful church dating from the 18th century is where the patroness saint of Mazarron has her home. It belongs to the old convent founded by the Franciscan brothers of Saint Peter.

Its oldest part, and the one that is believed to have led to the creation of the current church, is its side chapel, although it currently has five additional chapels. Inside, one can see the unique decoration of the so-called “Camarín de la Virgen”, with elegant blue motifs associated with her image. In the presbytery, there are remains of the Baroque altarpiece.

The dedication to its patroness is related to an event of great religious relevance for the municipality, known as the “Miracle of the Immaculate in Bolnuevo”, in which, according to legend, the Virgin intercepted a group of pirate ships from North Africa that wanted to loot the village. Thus, the Virgin prevented them from landing in the city.

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