Bolnuevo Horse Tower (Mazarron - Murcia)

Bolnuevo Horse Tower (Mazarron)

Built in the 16th century with clear objectives of serving as a defence to the region against foreign invasions and possible Berber attacks, its existence guaranteed the tranquillity of the inhabitants of the region and the development of fishing activity.

The tower was built by the military forces and is located on the shores of Bolnuevo beach, so that it could surveil the threats that came from the sea. Its name comes from the fact that among its original annex facilities, it had stables that are now missing. Its building is of a square type and inside it has two floors and a crenelated roof.

Currently, after undergoing several modifications over the years, it is attached to the Immaculate Conception Hermitage, forming part of the same construction in commemoration of the well-known Miracle of Bolnuevo.

This historical treasure has not been the object of recent restoration, but specifically of conditioning and maintenance works carried out by the parish.

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