Gastronomy in Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares welcomes the traveller with open arms. It is an area baptized with this name in memory of the palaces that, during the Middle Ages, crowned its placid and warm shores with their lordship.

The most traditional and recreated flavour in a variety of dishes in the Mar Menor is, obviously, the flavour of the sea.

Main dishes

Over the centuries, the different towns that have survived in this dreamlike seascape have transformed the extracted products into a sign of identity reflecting the personality of their people and their environment.

Cauldron of the Mar Menor

In Los Alcazares, the typical flavour of the Cauldron stands out. It is a traditional seafaring dish that pairs a product from the sea, such as fish, with another from the land, such as rice.

Formerly, the Cauldron, always served accompanied by a little “alioli”, was prepared by the shore of the beach, when the sailors came ashore after a day of fishing. However, nowadays, every bar and restaurant surrounding Los Alcazares has included it on its menu as one of the most attractive and basic dishes in the area.

Mullet in salt

The delicious mullet in salt is a dish that, along with prawns, “mojama”, salted tuna, flank tuna and other salted fish, represents one of the essential dishes in the gastronomy of Los Alcazares.

Mullet is a white meat fish of great quality and flavour, so much so that in the Mar Menor it has become an essential dish when it comes to discovering the wide variety that Los Alcazares cuisine offers.

Desserts in Los Alcazares

When it comes to desserts, the options are divided between the Cierva cake, originally from the town of San Javier, and the wonderful drunken biscuits, which are one of the best-known and most-appreciated Murcian sweets among locals and strangers.

Fruits also occupy a prominent place in the local gastronomy. They are the queens of Alcazar's tables, given their extensive variety and richness. And how to forget about the peculiar “paparajotes”.
In the confectionery of Los Alcazares, in addition to the famous Cierva cake mentioned above, the “tocino de cielo” stands out as one of the most typical and appreciated desserts.

What to eat in Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares is a town that, in terms of gastronomy, offers an infinity of places that could be considered a cult of Mediterranean cuisine. In these places, you can find everything from local recipes to top-quality products, such as seafood and meat.
When it comes to eating in Los Alcazares, the cuisine of this Murcian town stands out for its simplicity and functionality. Gilt-head breams, mullets, prawns and other species of fish and shellfish from the Mediterranean Sea are very common on the tables of Los Alcazares.

There are endless classic recipes, such as the aforementioned Cauldron of the Mar Menor, the zarangollo, or the “michirones” stews. All these dishes have an important presence in the local gastronomy.
As far as meats are concerned, the game recipes stand out, as do some traditional sausages such as “morcón”. Don’t forget to try the extraordinary cheese accompanied by a good glass of wine with a denomination of origin.