Roman Rafts of Los Diegos (Los Alcazares - Murcia)

Roman Rafts of Los Diegos (Los Alcazares)

This is a series of Roman structures that are believed to have belonged to a larger-calibre hydraulic complex housed within a Roman villa dedicated to artisan-industrial work.

These structures have rather square shapes and so far the archaeological finds in the place have discovered only two of these rafts that are linked by an intermediary channel.

Its solid and uniform walls are built with a technique called “formwork”, in which a mixture containing lime and stones of different sizes is used for its construction. Thus, thanks to these materials, it is possible to place the construction chronologically within the late Republican era until the 3rd century AD.

This construction was part of a complex called the Roman "Campus Spartarius", which was a region with great imperial influence due to its agricultural wealth and the fact that an important commercial port connected it to the rest of the European continent.

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