Outdoor Museum of Urban Art (Los Alcazares - Murcia)

Outdoor Museum of Urban Art (Los Alcazares)

Under the initiative of the City Council and a group of local artists, a street art circuit was created in the streets and neighbourhoods of Los Alcazares, where more than 110 works can be seen throughout the city's urban area.

Thanks to the enviable climate of the region, the tour can be enjoyed almost all year round and is made up of works by local artists as well as guests from other parts of the world.

This initiative has brought about the celebration of international urban art festivals where it is possible to transmit a more accessible and participatory art culture. Among the immense variety of works that can be seen are those by outstanding artists such as Sabotaje al Montaje, who has been dedicated to urban art for more than 20 years, the graffiti artist from Madrid, Sfhir, and the Catalonian Mohamed Lghacham, among others.

The result of this initiative is a set of varied works of art that are grouped together, thus forming a unique route that allows the viewer to know and appreciate different styles or innovative techniques.

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