Archaeological Museum (Lorca - Murcia)

Archaeological Museum (Lorca)

The museum is located inside the Salazar-Rosso House, also known as the Moreno Rocafull House, built during the early 17th century.

On the facade, one can see a series of lintel windows and balconies that highlight the uniqueness of this building. However, one of the most unique characteristics of the house is the presence of a tower that tops the ceiling of the staircase and is used as a skylight.

The museum shows important archaeological collections that allow us to determine the prehistory and history of the city, from the first traces of human presence, about 30,000 years ago, to the 15th century.

Many of the exhibits come from archaeological excavations carried out in the subsoil of Lorca. These have made it possible to verify that the region has been populated uninterruptedly for 5,500 years.

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