La Merced Convent (Lorca - Murcia)

What to do in Lorca

The symbol of this city is the majestic Castle of Lorca, which is known as The Fortress of the Sun. There, visitors can take advantage of day or night tours, enjoying the different shows and exhibitions that the castle houses. However, the architecture of Lorca goes far beyond the castle. You can also enjoy many buildings with Renaissance and Baroque styles, a wall, a medieval synagogue, palaces and churches.

Through its museums, the city offers much for culture lovers, especially those of embroidery, which are dedicated to Easter embroideries.

Lorca is the largest municipality in Spain, not counting those that are provincial capitals, which provides a great diversity of landscapes and, therefore, of activities. This is great news for hiking enthusiasts, who can hike through all corners of the municipality and enjoy mountains, fertile valleys and natural and almost virgin beaches.
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