Virgin of Carmel Church (Lorca - Murcia)

Virgin of Carmel Church (Lorca)

In 1712, Fray Juan de la Concepción, belonging to the Carmelite community of Murcia, requested permission to establish a hospice in the community of Lorca. However, he had to wait seven years for this request to be answered.

In 1719, the Carmelite friars were able to locate in Lorca because Bishop Belluga granted the license. They were originally located in the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Hermitage, situated on the Nogalte road outside the city walls.

The founding of the Carmelites was not easy. They made several requests to the competent authorities, many times without success. This situation led them to ask permission directly from the King, who granted it in 1741.

This is the last convent church to be built in Lorca in the 18th century. Its baroque facade stands out for its monumentality over the rest of the parishes in the city of Lorca.

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